How to get Top-Connection Cash
Go to Google Play Store and load it from there.
  • Download the program to your device by your account. Try the full functionality during 30 days
  • If you have made your decision for Top-Connection Cash, get the subscription as In-App-Subscription for the number of devices you need
  • Enter all stations in your CashManager
  • Download Top-Connection Cash to every further device by the same account
  • As soon as you have connected all devices to each other all data will be distributed from the main station to all devices
  • Your subscription lasts at least one month; take advantage from lower prices by agreeing to longer terms of subscriptions
  • You may extend or reduce your subscription at any time to the number of devices you need
  • The first 30 days are free. Try it and find out how useful Top-Connection Cash is.
  • Run Top-Connection Cash on the base of a monthly fee. This fee is charged per station and month.
  • Provider inter-connects multiple stations to one network as long as you pay the extra monthly fee.
First steps
  • Complete all taxes you need
  • Load some pictures for employees and groups
  • Add groups in the order of how the shall appear, use their images and colors and mark all available taxes
  • Think about speaking SKUs for your articles
  • Enter a number of articles with a speaking SKU, link them with the matching group and enter the price
  • Create a panel with the name Favorites
  • Relate some articles to the panel Favorites
  • Fill in all names and pictures of your employees and waiters
  • Define configuration data for your printer, especially set the IP address
  • Enter textblocks for a header and a footer of your ticket
  • Name your station, link it with the printer, define header and footer textblocks and choose Favorites panel for the first page
SKUs uniquely designate an article; to make them speaking follow these rules:
  • Keep huge spaces between each article, do not continously number SKUs as e.g. 1, 2, 3. You will then be able to add further articles at the right place later on.
  • Use full blocks of numbers for what belongs together, e.g. 1000-1999 for normal bread, 2000-2999 for special bread, 3000-3999 for small bread.
  • Use the same numbers at the same position for same values, e.g. 0 at the last position for big and 5 for small or 1 at the second last position for meat, 2 for cheese, 3 for fish and so on.
  • And we cannot repeat it enough: leave much space between SKUs. To keep everything in good order saves you 100 times what it took to figure outthe numbers and it looks clear and well organised.
Enter Rooms and Tables. Add pictures to the rooms. Place the tables to the right position into the rooms.
No. You just have to activate multiple taxes for the assigned group of this article. Now you may enter a price for each tax ot this same article.
Assuming you have a business with a shop and a coffee shop then your cash register for the coffee shop should only show those groups which are available in that area. To reduce all groups to only those specific groups you create a new panel. Now just assign only these groups to the new panel and arrange them in your favourite order. Finally you assign this panel at the specific station as the group panel.
Enter a printer for the kitchen and think about a number to define it. Activate this printer to every single station and enter to each of them this number. Now enter this same number to each article you would like to have printed to this kitchen printer. During each sale you may even enter additional information to this article while directly writing or drawing it with your finger. As soon as the sale is completed all information will be sent to the kitchen printer.
Remarkable facts
No. You may completely disconnect your network from the internet, e.g. if you use your cash devices at a place with no internet connection availabĀ§ le. As well your devices running Top-Connection Cash will continue to work perfectly if your connection to the internet is temporarily interrupted.
You would only need a connection to the internet if renewal of you subscription is due. Usually requests Top-Connection Cash its permission to continue to operate once per month; without permission Top-Connection Cash will refuse to work.
By all means you must be connected to all devices in your network to which you wish to transfer data, as e.g. printers and co-stations.
Data are stored locally on your device. In addition all sales data will be passed to the station in the hierarchy above. And if you run a restaurant sales data of tables are passed to other waiters in order that you have all orders available on all devices for any table. Your data will not automatically be transferred to the internet or to a cloud.
Download Top-Connection Cash by the same account from Google Play Store to all your devices. Get a subscription for enough numbers of stations. Enter the correct IP addresses to each station. Now Top-Connection Cash automatically exchanges all data you have entered at the main station and collects all sales data to be available at the top of the hierarchy.
Great. Just define one device as the main station, where you enter all your data. Now all data will be transferred to all visible substations. You may make the visible through a VPN connection or just by bringing the main station to each location and connect it to the network. We suggest that you define for each location one station as the local main station which then passes on all data to its substations.
Enter all your data at the main station. Substation automatically and regularly get these data from the main station. This is the reason why you can't enter data at substations.